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Research Management
is difficult
Descign makes it easier
Research organizations need better software. Descign enables your team of scientists, technicians and sponsors/collaborators, to Digitize, Manage and Scale their research, using a simple web browser. It offers the functionality of ELN, LIMS, LES, SDMS and Order Management on a single platform. Descign takes care of all your IT requirements, so you can focus on your research.


Go paperless with Descign! Digitize all your organization's resources like Experimental Workflows, Inventory and Orders on a single platform. Descign organizes all your SOPs, experiment designs, runs, data, analysis scripts and results from all your research projects automatically in a Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable manner (FAIR), with Version and Access controls. Team members and collaborators can securely access all their assigned projects, related dependencies and seamlessly work together on the platform.

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Stay on top of your research. Descign simplifies and automates resource lifecycle management and regulatory compliance. It manages the creation, modification, usage, backups and access to all your resources on the platform. Resources include Experiment Workflows/SOPs, Reagents, Samples, Instruments, Users, Data and Service Orders. Organizations can optimize resource utilization with usage analytics and reports to maximize productivity. The platform also assists organizations in ensuring regulatory compliance with detailed audit trails, document control and user approvals. Descign serves as the single source of truth for the entire organization.

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Built to help you Grow! Design allows organizations to seamlessly scale their operations on the platform. Users can increase the throughput of samples processed or set up new workflows in minutes. Organizations can also securely access external infrastructure like instrumentation, customisable compute instances and research services when required. Discover different offerings, Engage in a standardized manner and Monitor work progress from within the platform. This results in saving time, effort and capital in setting up and maintaining costly research infrastructure. Organizations can also use the platform to monetize their expertise and offer different services and products.

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Our Customers

Descign is built to empower organizations in the biotechnology, biopharma and diagnostic domains. Setup and transform your end-to-end research operations in less than a day. Welcome to the future of research!