Descign has a rich set of
features neatly packed
into modules


This module is a new age ELN. It captures and automatically organizes all your research so you never lose data or context. Your organization will always know Why, How, When and By Whom was the research performed. The research is stored securely on a single platform with granular access control and permissions. Use the no-code graphical editor to draw your wet-lab workflows and computational pipelines. Choose from a toolbox of standardized physical operations or software applications to quickly build, deploy and analyze your SOPs. The SOPs can be deployed locally, with a research partner/CRO or in the cloud. Stay on top of your research with real-time progress updates and dashboards.


Inventory module digitizes and manages all resources required in a research laboratory. Keep track of Why, How, When and By Whom a resource was used. Resources include labs (controlled list of locations with location nesting, instruments as storage locations), instruments (receipt, maintenance, bookings, usage logs and reports), materials like patient and analytical samples, chemicals, reagents, solutions, biologicals and custom materials (material registration, usage logs and destiny). This module is closely integrated with the Notebook module and automatically books and updates the usage of resources.

Order Management

Order Management module digitizes and manages all your service and product offerings. Organizations can create services and manage orders received from internal teams or external collaborators/sponsors. The module standardizes the entire order workflow - users can approve/reject orders, verify uploaded documents, collect payments, generate branded invoices and receipts, monitor order progress (via the ELN), generate reports with digital signatures from pre-defined templates and collect user feedback. The standardization and transparency helps build trust between research partners.


ResearchBook module is the next generation automated marketplace for research related services and products. List, discover and explore services & products using advanced filters (service and product type, certifications, geography and more) which meet your requirements and budget. Minimize turnaround time from months to hours with a standardized engagement process and milestone-based digital payments. Order with confidence as the platform ensures process transparency and integrity as it is integrated with the other three modules which enables detailed automated reports, audit trail features and real-time progress updates.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

Life Science organizations require robust and secure IT which can assist them in compliance with different regulatory authorities. Design helps research organizations in following compliance guidelines without the need for external tools. Features like Region specific hosting, Data backups, Audit Trail, Versioning, Document Control, Encryption, Access control lists, Inactivity logouts, IP specific logins, Multi-factor authentication, Password resets and Failed login attempts lockout enable the organization to be compliant with multiple guidelines and secure (US FDA CFR 21 P11, ISO 15189 and NABL 112 guidelines).